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A Global Leader in Manufacturing Tools for OEMs and Big-Box Retailers.

Our Mission

Gardex is your single source for custom tool manufacturing services providing unmatched quality at a low cost for all industries. Our mission is to innovate and develop incredible tools which offer exceptional value whilst meeting the requirements of DIYers and trade professionals that demand superior performance on the job. Simultaneously, we aim to continuously create value-benefits for our clients in the form of reduced cost of production, mitigated quality issues, decreased lead times and on-time shipments. Our goal is supported by the knowledge we continuously gain and leverage from our large ecosystem of suppliers, supply chain subsidiaries, employees, and customers along with 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and industry 4.0 infrastructure spread out across 750,000 sq. ft..


We put together all the pieces that turn your concepts into reality and help you build tools focused on quality workmanship, design, user experience and ease-of-use.


Hardening & Tempering

Surface Finishing


Branding & Packaging

Our Clients

Global Markets

We meet the needs of big-box retailers and OEM’s across 64 countries with a diverse portfolio of over 1000 SKU’s.

Tool Innovation Hub

Defined by innovation and customer-centricity, our tools are designed for DIYers and trade professionals that demand superior performance on the job.
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